Pet of the Week

PET OF THE WEEK: Jester the husky is a companion for the great outdoors

PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Rolland the Siberian Husky

PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Hubert the guinea pig

PET OF THE WEEK: Hamsters Sophia, Angel and Alvin

PET OF THE WEEK: Alice the rabbit

PET OF THE WEEK: Atlas the Husky

PET OF THE WEEK: guinea pigs Zeus, Biscuit, Clade and Cedric

PET OF THE WEEK: Farfel the Chow-Chow

Pet of the Week: double trouble with Husky puppies, Rocky and Brad

Pet of the Week: Lobo the collie husky mix

Pet of the Week: Meet Claribelle the dog

Pet of the Week: Rixon the springer spaniel mix

Pet of the Week: Willow the lab mix

Pet of the Week: Loki the Alaskan husky

PET OF THE WEEK: Meet Dilbert the rabbit

Pet of the Week: Jax the Mastiff

Pet of the Week: Zane the cattle dog

PET OF THE WEEK: Ollie the lab mix

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Pet of the Week

Posted: 05/15/2019 - Meet Lola the Guinea Pig, News 13's Pet of the Week.

Posted: 05/01/2019 - two younger Red Eared Sliders are looking for a loving home.

Posted: 04/24/2019 - Kimberly Imbert, animal tender for the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter introduced this week's 'Pet of the Week Mr. Wiggly.

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