Yukon Quest Yields High Numbers on First Day of Signups

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Yukon Quest opening day sign ups were this past Saturday, and they their largest turnout in five years.
With the likes of Allen Moore and Matt Hall, this one star studded field with 22 mushers signed up.
Here are the mushers who are in the field for the 1,000 mile race.
Rob Cooke, Cody Strathe, Olivia Webster, Paige Drobny, Misha Wiljes, Laura Allaway, Chase Tingle, Allen Moore, Deke Naaktgeboren, Brent Sass, Matt Hall, Dave Dalton, Brian Wilmhurst, Ryne Olson, Torsten Kohnert, Remy Leduc, Denis Tremblay, Laura Neese, Lisbet Norris, Andrew Pace, Michele Phillips and Martin Reitan.
The group is filled with past winners, as well as the return of Brent Sass who took a year off.
Both Moore and Sass spoke about the upcoming race.

Allen Moore:"Definitely right now this time of year you really start to think about it's been about 6 months since we finished and it doesn't seem that long but as soon as we start signing up again it all starts coming back where, the training in within a month for us anyway. It's a long road ahead of us, we got to get ourselves into shape and get the dogs in shape."

Brent Sass: "I'm really excited, I definitely excited. I mean the year off was good. I mean I ran the race for 11 years in a row or 10 years in a row and so it was time for a little bit of a break for me and the kennel and to have a nice homestead out of town it was just nice to just focus on the younger dogs so to take a year off from a 1,000 mile race, but I definitely missed it a lot."