West Valley returns to their football training camp

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The West Valley Wolfpack football program continued their training camp after being reinstated by the school district.
With Norm Davis in as the acting head coach and the rest of the staff made up of temporary coaches., the Wolfpack have their work cut out for them.
They prepare for their 2019 season with a Week 1 matchup against the Wasilla Warriors.
Starting varsity quarterback Shaun Conwell spoke about the team getting back into the swing of things.
"It felt great. With these temporary coaches, they are doing really good on helping us get back from, not rusty anymore. They are really just helping us out fine-tune for this first game that is coming up in about two weeks. It is always fun. They're pretty much family, I have known these players since youth, playing with them during youth and it is always fun playing with them. It is pretty good, it is wet and rainy here but we have always played with wet and rain so we are good."