We spoke with Ruthy Hebard about her team, the Oregon Ducks, coming up to Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today we spoke with Fairbanks' own Ruthy Hebard on the phone as Hebard and the third ranked Oregon Ducks prepare for their trip to Northern Alaska.
"I think they asked me how cold is it really, like should I bring four or five sweatshirts, and I was like it's pretty cold but I hope we go outside a lot. We are going to my house for dinner so we're excited for that, we are going to try and get to the hot springs so that's some fun things we are going to do. But I know that they're all really excited to go, some of my friends are up there I know, it's going to be cool to show them and see their reaction on how I grew up," said Hebard.