WEIO's Stick Pull, High Kick, Greased Pole Walk Highlight Day Two

The 2017 World Eskimo Indian Olympics continued this morning at the Carlson Center.

It started off at 10 am with the Eskimo Stick Pull which sees Athletes try to pry a wooden stick out of their opponent's hands.
They then demonstrated other games and events done with the stick before they moved on the Alaskan High Kick.

In the high kick the athlete sits on the floor with one hand holding the opposite foot.
The athlete then lifts themselves up to kick a hanging target.
The athlete then has to land after the kick and maintain their balance.
This morning was the Preliminary events for the High Kick and the Finals will be taking place tonight.

The Native Baby Regalia Contest then took place at 1pm and the Greased Pole walk wrapped up the daytime events for WEIO today.

Tonight there are set to be three different dance performances as well as the impromptu speeches for this year's Ms. WEIO Cultural Pageant.

There will also be a Muktuk, or whale blubber, eating competition and the fish cutting contest that was scheduled for last night was moved to this evening as well.