WEIO Day 2 Winners

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics is on to its third day here in the Interior, and more medals were up for grabs yesterday.

In the fish cutting event, Kelly Lincoln from Bethel took the gold at 35-point-5-3 seconds.
Then in the Eskimo Stick Pull, the men's division was captured by Sido Evans from Fairbanks.
In the female bracket, Deenalee Hodsdon from the Golden Heart City took the gold.
In the Indian Stick Pull tournament, men's bracket was won by Savoonga's Isaiah Waghiyi.
Skyler Ervin from North Pole claimed second place.
In the women's bracket, Marjorie Tahbone struck gold from Nome.
For the Alaskan High Kick, Veronica McDonald from the Northwest Territories claimed first in the women's division at 72 inches.
Jasmine Jones from Fairbanks earned the bronze.
Casey Ferguson from Eagle River, won the men's at 90 inches.
Fort Smith's Veronica McDonald spoke to us about the thrill of the competition.

McDonald: "...Progressing through I was actually...surprising myself. Usually there is one high where I miss one by accident and I'm like woops sorry, but...so I was kind of surprising myself I stayed focused the whole time although I was shaking so so bad, but yeah I surprised myself and was really impressed with myself. It's exciting, I love the atmosphere here. Like I said it's a lot different then it usually is at the arctic winter games where the crowds are a lot smaller, most people know generally the idea of how it goes, but... yeah being the only Canadian here is also fun and exciting."

In the greased pole walk, Amber Applebee from Hawaii took first at 44 and 3 quarter inches in the women's competition.
Aizah Sullivan from the Interior grabbed third.
In the men's division, Ryan Glenzel from Soldotna won at 88 and a half inches.
And lastly in the muktuk eating contest, Donna Rexford from Fairbanks won at 53-point-7-1-seconds.
Diane DuFour from our town grabbed the bronze.
Casey Ferguson talked about this year's Olympics.

Ferguson: "Personally it's about.....repetition I guess, I don't practice for the event to much, but muscle memory that's what it is. I work off of muscle memory and...I think back to how I have done it in years past and I try to replicate that. It's great it's not about kicking itself. I thrive more off of coming around and coming here and hanging out with everyone. Friends, family, and just kicking together. Just talking about it and competing together. ...I don't focus too much on the kicking because that's in the bag...that's just something we are all doing, but it's more hang out with everybody that we are familiar with.