WEIO Day 1 Winners

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The World Eskimo-Indian Olympics continues to roll along, as the athletes begin to rack up the medals.
And we start with the scissor broad jump.
Starting with the men's division, the American Ninja Warrior competitor Nick Hanson from Unalakleet claimed first with a distance of 36 feet and 2 inches.
In the women's division, Veronica McDonald from Fort Smith, Northwest Territory, Canada took the title with a distance of 26 feet and 8 and a half inches.
Both Amber Vaska and Ericka Meckel from Fairbanks finished in the top 3.
Next is the one hand reach, which was won by Bernard Clark from Wasilla in the men's division.
He finished at 69 inches.
In the women's division, Raven Morgan from Fairbanks won it at 54 inches, while Deenaalee Hodsdon from the Golden Heart City took second.
Now we look at the race of the torch, that was won by Sidney Isom from Lake Minchumina in the women's division at 21 minutes and 58 seconds.
Both Maxine Dibert and Laura Ekada made it to the top 3 for Fairbanks.
In the men's division, Dion Susook from Galena won at 17 minutes and 18 seconds.
Keel Simon from Fairbanks took second.
For the kneel jump, McDonald captured gold again at 54 and a quarter inches.
Vaska and Meckel took spots in the top 3.
In the men's division, Kyle Worf took first from Juneau at 63 and 3 quarters inches.
In the four man carry, Sido Evans from Fairbanks broke the record at 308 feet and 10 inches.
That concludes the Day 1 events, but for some of the competitors the Olympics itself mean more to them then winning.
And Nick Hanson spoke about the excitement of coming back.

Nick Hanson: "It's the best feeling in the world, you know I get to hang out with my, you know some of the top athletes in the world. But more importantly, my best friends, my homies. We get to compete against each other and push each other to new heights, new levels. But just enjoy being together. Go get dinner, go have a good time and just get our hair cut."