Utqiagvik Youth Football get to play after fundraising

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) This is a heart warming tale of youth football. Not because of the heroics by the kids on the field, but for what they did alongside the parents and coaches off of it.

Hopson Middle School's football program up in Utqiagvik had no games scheduled this season.However, through conversations and a community raising the funds, they get to hit the gridiron down here in the Interior. North Pole's coach, Steffan Hutchins, helped coordinate the three day schedule to help Hopson's team have some games.

"I enjoy coaching my kids. Just one more game, it's always rewarding. I know it feels the same way with them." said Coach Hutchins. "I asked them a question last week, I said, 'I know you rather be at home playing video games or in the heat in the warmth of your homes.' It was kind of quiet, you could hear the crickets. They were like, 'No coach, we want to be here.'. So I could only imagine the same thing these kids, you'll probably hear the same thing from Coach Cramsey. As soon as he told his kids they were running up and down the hallways just screaming."

They raised thousands of dollars for the team to travel down to Fairbanks to play these games. However, they were still in need of more funding. This culminated in their fun night, which saw the program pull off the improbable.

"We had a fun night fundraiser on Saturday and we still needed about $3,000 in that fun night." said Hopson's Coach Shaun Cramsey. "I'm sitting there with my principal and we're counting the fundraising money and we knew the money that we had to get. It was either we get this or we don't. We're tallying up the money, he looks at me and goes, 'You got it.'. I'm like, 'What?'. He slid me a piece of paper saying we fund raised close to $4,000."

Hopson will play two North Pole and one Lathrop team in their time down in Fairbanks. They will be playing on the Kiwanis Field.

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