UAF hosts eSports and Gaming Summit tomorrow

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tomorrow the University of Alaska Fairbanks will host their eSports Summit on campus to promote business and education side of gaming.
Aaron Walling sat down with a student from the school of management about this first time event at UAF.

"To see the potential for students all over Alaska. We are just excited to see a lot of people. We want to show them what eSports is," said Rahia Rivara, UAF KUAC.

The 2019 eSports and Gaming Summit is being ran as an education to what the gaming world can do for the state of Alaska.​
Not only having speakers from the 49th State, but even from big names in the Lower 48 like Jimmy Chan from Twitch who will be the Key Note Speaker for this event.​

"Jimmy Chan from Twitch he helped fund and find the eSports club at the University of Houston so that was a huge and the students in the eSports gaming club and I was especially excited that people are just talking and guide them through some of the same things that they're going through as students," said Rivara.

The sessions vary from gaming and eSports Curriculum to careers and jobs in the industry.​
Some of the local guest speakers include Vice Chancellor Keith Champagne.​

"It is and honestly it assures me that there is real interest and he is crazy for some games in eSports so we do have and faculty that are interested in it," said Rivara.

This could be the next step to UAF adding eSports to their programs, as they will also have talks from current coaches down from the Matsu Valley.

The event starts tomorrow at 9 A.M. at the Wood Center on campus.