UAF VB head down to Utah for a tourney

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Nanooks volleyball program are heading down South for the Utah Valley Spring Tournament.
The Nanooks are heading off to Utah for an offseason tourney, with the Nooks getting an early glimpse at their team.​
They will be facing Division I teams and Junior College programs with eight teams competing.​
Their first matchup is in Pool 'B' against Dixie State on Saturday.​
Head Coach Brian Scott spoke about the opportunity for the team to travel in the offseason.
"Yeah we are very excited, it's our first opportunity to make a trip like this and it's going to be great for our development for during the offseason. We have a limited playing schedule, it's usually up here against Anchorage and it's down there against Anchorage. Maybe I've always been a little bit jealous that they make one of these trips every year and so it's kind of excited to make the same kind of trip against Division I schools, play against some Junior Colleges that we regulary recruit from and develop some good relationships," said Scott.