UAF AD Candidate Sterling Steward

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks athletic department had their third candidate for the athletic director position this past Friday.
They hosted Sterling Steward who gave a presentation on why he is the man for the job.
Steward, who is the director of athletics at Savannah State in Georgia, attacked some issues that have plagued the university for awhile.
Stating that he would challenge the legislature to see the importance of sports.
Steward showed in his presentation about his experience of raising money for Savannah State, since his school was an auxiliary institution.
That meant they had to raise money outside the budget for a majority of their financial areas.
Steward spoke about talking to Juneau during his speech.

Steward: "I don't have a problem that my bosses allow me to have a conversation with them and that's something we need to do.
Then we do that, we go there, we go to where they are. I'm not against having a game, if it makes sense.
If they say "Hey you wanna see UAF in Juneau?" then it may be worth it. Because we can. Being open to making it work is what you have to do. Now if it doesn't work you can communicate that to those groups of people they aren't going to take you for the guy they thought you for.
And it should make them more ready to find a way to fund what they want to make worth."