UA President Jim Johnsen talks about the uncertain future of UA sports

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After the UA system announced financial exigency this week, there are talks about cutting sports here in Alaska.
President Jim Johnsen spoke today about how there is not talks yet about cutting athletics, but they are on the table.​
"Not looking at cutting sports programs at this time. They are however on the table, and again that is something that the Regents decide in September. WE have seen some stepped up community support for our programs financially but they are heavily subsidized by general funds, and so we need to look at they just like we look at everything else. We are going to do our best however to try and maintain some of our sports programs because they do play a vital role for our student athletes. They become tremendous leaders and they actually lead in the classroom as well and do a great job there. And those programs are also really important for community relations, that we have a brand and an identity and there is some positive energy about the University in the community," said Johnsen.