Town Series #1 at Birch Hill saw Kendall Kramer dominate the field

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The new season for skiing here in town started with the Town Series, as the competitors ranging from young to old battled in the first race.
We start in the pre through second graders, and the winner of the girls' division was Zoe Agopian-Plattet of Pearl Creek, and the boys' winner was Merrill Blair of Watershed and did so by less than 2 seconds.
For the third and fourth graders, the girls' division victor was Daya Allegood of Watershed, and the boys' winner was Merrill Reid of the same school.
In the fifth and sixth grade races, the boys' winner was Kieran Kaufman from Nordic Ski Club Fairbanks, while Olivia Soederstrom won the girls' from the same program.
For the seventh and eighth graders, Zarah Laker-Morrs from NSCF Prep won the girls, while Caleb Petersen won the boys' from Watershed.
For high school JV girls, Allison Leadbetter from Colony High School took first, while Isaac Macander took the boys JV.
In the High School girls' race, Kendall Kramer destroyed the competition by a minute and 7 seconds racing for the West Valley Wolfpack.
For the Junior Women's class, Kate Baring won it, and Sage Robine took the women's' 20-29.
For the 40-49, Kristen Rozell won it, while Donna Difolco won the 50-59 division.
For the high school boys, Ari Endestad claimed first for the West Valley Wolfpack, while Patrick Marbacher won the junior division, and Seiji Takagi won the men's 20-29.
Peter Delamere won the 40-49, and David Knopp took the 50-59.
Chris Puncher took the 60-69, and Owen Hanley won the 70-79.
The next race is the Town Series #2 on December 1 at Birch Hill.
Kramer spoke after her race about the conditions and what's in store for her.

"The group did it surprisingly well for the kind of limited amount of snow we have," said Kendall Kramer. "I was expecting it to be super soft, because it's not really easy to get it this firm early in the season but it was all really nice and it was awesome conditions. It's going to take a lot more than what it took to do well in Anchorage because it's so far away from home and so that's going to qualify me for all of the international races and so I'm really hoping to do my best there."