Three Competitors Finish 2017 Equinox In Under Three Hours

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Allan Spangler from Anchorage, held on to win the 55th running of the Equinox Marathon here in Fairbanks.

Spangler ran the 26.2 mile courses in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 31 seconds, with two runners coming up behind him after Ester Dome.

Spangler had to out run the former Alaska Nanooks cross country runners in Cody Priest and Ken Brewer.
Spangler, who was also a Nanook, pushed it to keep his competitors from taking him over.

There was over a 1,000 registered runners, with 598 of them being individuals.

Brewer came in behind Spangler to claim second after overcoming Priest.
Priest was only 11 seconds behind, as he finished his 6th Equinox.

Allan Spangler, 2017 Equinox Marathon champion:
"Conditions are great; it's just a hard race no matter what. It was dry, and the temperature was great and stuff. Definitely no complaints. I feel really good about it, I don't think I was going to win it for most of the race. I was getting really tired, and those guys were 45 seconds behind me or something. Getting closer I think, so very happy about that."