The endurance races over the weekend went for 24 hours

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We start today with the endurance races that happened over the weekend.
Now the most miles that I have ever ran in a race is seven, well what if I told you one guy did 90 in 24 hours?​
Michael Quimby of Eagle River took the male division title for the 24 hour race, getting 90 and a half miles, 20.5 more than second.​
For the silver, that went to a tie between Chris Butcher and Joshua Marshall of Fairbanks.​
And for third place, that went to Taylor James of North Pole who had 66 miles.​
In the female division, Teri Buck took home the gold after claiming 89 miles.​
Melissa Lewis took home second with 72 miles and the bronze went to Phoebe Flanagan. ​
In the 12 hour class, Steven Andersen took home the gold with 65 miles.​
Jacob Buller grabbed second with Kyle Emery and third went to Justin Ennis.​
Andrea Barnes grabbed the women's title at 52.5 miles.​
The silver went to Tamara Hall and third was Anna Cannon.​
Some of the competitors spoke after the grueling race.​
"It's really great, it's a magical event and there is nothing like it I've found yet and it's a really fun event," said Flanagan.
"It's what you do going into it, you go into it. Push that's all you can do, if you can't run you walk."​
"It was pretty sucky with the mud bogs, but for the most part than I was expecting with all the rain."​
"It was cool, cause the endurance type race is a race against yourself, I wasn't out there to beat anybody. I wanted to hit the distance and I wanted to hit 50 miles as quick as I could and when I did it I slowed down," said Buller.
Sam Crow and Jackie Stark took first in the six hour race for the mens' and womens' divisions.