The West Valley flag football team battles North Pole and Mother Nature

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Fairbanks, Alaska The West Valley Wolfpack flag football program suited up for a battle on two fronts, the North Pole Patriots and Mother Nature herself.
And Mother Nature was not happy.
The Wolfpack were led by Sheridan Blasey who put the team on her back with a touchdown catch, and a punt return touchdown on the rain soaked field as they won 19-0.
This match saw both teams struggle to keep the ball off the ground, but it was understandable with the amount of rain that was pouring into North Pole.
However, that didn't stop West Valley from airing it out, as Tessa Lindberg found her receivers in the open holes of the zone.
North Pole couldn't generate much offense due to the slippery conditions.
North Pole will look to rebound tomorrow night against the Hutchison Hawks, while West Valley will look for their revenge against the Hawks next week.