The West Valley Wolfpack will face the Service Cougars for Friday Night Football

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The West Valley Wolfpack prepare fort heir matchup against the Service Cougars for some D-I, D-II action.
The Wolfpack come into this matchup as the second ranked team in the D-II/D-III polls, and are facing the Cougars who play on the D-I level.
The Wolfpack will look to mature their team against a squad from Anchorage.
Here are the players to look for in this matchup.
It's their entire linebacker corps.
They are a group who has the chance to do something special in football.
Last season, the defense showed flashes of greatness.
They fly to the ball, and look to lay out the wood on the other teams.
Don't be surprised if some of these guys end up on the all conference lists.
Now for the keys of the game.
First, the O-line need to give Maurice Maiden enough time to work the offense.
It's no surprise that West Valley love their defense, but their offense last season showed some potential especially in the Colony match when they marched down the field in the waning moments of the fourth quarter.
Second, attack Service from the outside.
This is where their linebackers on the outside will shine if they maintain outside pressure.
And lastly play to the crowd.
This is the first game of the season.
Play off the crowd, let them get excited.
This game is at 7 PM this Friday at West Valley.