The West Valley Wolfpack Dominated the 2019 ASAA High School Skiing Championships

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 ASAA High School Skiing Championships concluded over the weekend with multiple programs looking to strike gold on Birch Hill.
Starting in the Girls' 5k Interval Start, West Valley's Kendall Kramer took home gold with an impressive 15 minute and 28.4 second race which beat second by Nealy a minute and a half.
Lathrop's top finisher was Abigail Haas who took 20th.
Kramer also took the 7.5k mass start for west valley with a time of 23 minutes and 37 seconds, while Haas took 17th for the Malemutes.
In the boys' 7.5k Interval Start, it had South Anchorage's Zanden McMullen taking the gold, while Dale Baurick grabbed seventh for the Wolfpack with a time of 24 minutes and 16.4 seconds.
Lathrop's top finisher was Jonathan Burrell who took ninth.
In the Boys' 10k Mass Start, South took first once again with McMullen while Eric Difolco finished in fifth for the Wolfpack.
Burrell ended up in 12th for Lathrop.
In the Boys' 4-by-5k Relay, the West Valley Wolfpack took home the gold thanks to their team of Sam Delamere, Dave Baurick, Jordan Laker-Morris and Eric Difolco.
They finished with a time of 59 minutes and .8 seconds.
Lathrop's team took home seventh with Andrew Stringfellow, Jonathan Ebel, Daryn Espinosa and Johnny Burrell.
In the Girls' 4-by-3k Relay first was taken by West Anchorage, while West Valley finished in second with Emma Jerome, Maggie Druckenmiller, Maggie Whitaker and Kendall Kramer.
Lathrop finished in 11th with Tjarn Bross, Clare Hanneman, Maddie Wonderlich and Abigail Haas.
The West Valley Boys took home first in team rankings while the Girls took second.