The Panners have been on fire against the Bercovich 35’s; outscoring them 64-9

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Goldpanners have been in complete control of their series against the Bercovich 35's, taking the first five games.
In that time, Alaska has won 1-8, 1-10, 1-3, 3-23 and then 3-20.​
They have outscored their Lower 48 opponent 64-9, getting some top notch performances on offense and defense.​
Brandon Leitgeb has been on fire offensively for the Fairbanks team, leading the program with 9 hits and has sparked their potent attack.​
On defense, Alaska has kept the 35's off the base, getting their bats to ground out.​
In this past game, their pitching crew combined for 9 strikeouts.​
However, it wasn't as impressive as Joe Riley's 12 strikeouts by himself over the weekend.​
The Panners now prepare for their final game tonight against Bercovich out at Growden Park.​