The Panners fall in the 114th Midnight Sun Game

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 114th annual Midnight Sun Game drew hundreds of fans for the spectacle of baseball under the never ending light.
This was Game 2 in the series as they went to extra innings.​
The Goldpanners had to score in the bottom of the ninth to keep the game going as Seattle had four runs in the first inning.​
It wasn't meant to be as the Studs scored in the top of the 11 to put away the Panners 5-4. ​
This game went to 1:40 in the morning, and it was still light outside.​
Cole Carder led Alaska with 1 run, 2 hits and 1 RBI.​
This put the Goldpanners behind 0-2 for the four game series.​
The Goldpanners finally got a win in the series, taking down the Studs in Game 3.​
The Panners won 3-1, as they got a strong defensive effort from their pitchers.​
Tanner Inouye, Harrison Goebel and Isaac Olson combined for 13 strikeouts for Alaska, while Bryant Nakagawa had 1 run, 1 hit and 1 RBI to lead the offense.​
Then we had Game 4, and for the second time in the series they went to 11 innings.​
The Studs won 2-1 over the Panners, as they had many chances to score with 10 hits.​
Alaska's only run came from Tony Riley in the bottom of the 5th.​
Seattle won the series 3-1, as the Panners will look to rebound in the Grand Forks Invitational down in British Columbia.​
The teams competing in the tournament is the Burnaby Bulldogs, Everett Merchants, Houston Westchase Express, Northwest Honkers, Reno Astros, Redmond Dudes, San Francisco Seals, Seattle Studs, Union de Reyes of Cuba and of course your Alaska Goldpanners.​
The group stage starts tomorrow in Canada.​