The Lathrop Malemutes take second in the Battle for the Interior tournament

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2018 Battle for the Interior went down this past weekend, as the defending state champs Lathrop Malemutes looked to have a strong tournament on their home turf.
The first place finish went to the South Anchorage Wolverines, while second went to Lathrop's number one team.
Third went to the Bethel Warriors, while fourth went to the Palmer Moose.
The West Valley Wolfpack came in fifth, while the North Pole Patriots claimed sixth.
And Lathrop's second team walked away with seventh.
South finished with 381 points while only surrendering 70 during the bracket.
The next time Lathrop hits the mats, they will face the Chugiak Mustangs down near Eagle River.
While North Pole and West Valley face off tomorrow.