The Lathrop Malemutes run rampant on the Kenai Kardinals in Week 1

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Lathrop Malemutes made a bold statement in their victory over the Kenai Kardinals as a team to be reckon with.
The Malemutes put on a show on Saturday, with their very potent offense.
Lathrop scored early and often to earn a 49-21 victory.
Bubba Masch-meier scored 3 touchdowns on the day.
He took 2 of them from the back field for long touchdown runs, and also grabbed one on a kickoff return.
He finished the day with 19 carries for 214 yards.
Quarterback Jaden Littell showed poise beyond his years in the pocket, hooking up on big plays in the passing game.
He earned 142 yards and a touchdown through the air.
Both guys gave huge kudos to their offensive line that held Kenai out of the backfield for majority of the game.
Lathrop now prepare for the Dimond Lynx on Saturday.
"It felt good. I missed last year because I had to get surgery, but being back in it is nice. It's a good feeling. We've been working for a while, we just got out of two-a-days and the breakaway. We've been working on it a lot, we installed a whole new offensive system. So getting in there and doing something new is always fun," said Bubba Maschmeier, Running Back, Lathrop Malemutes.
"It was nice because I knew I had protection in front of me. The guys were blocking good up there. And it helps when you have the best receivers to throw to... A good running game... It works perfect," said Jaden Littell, Quarterback, Lathrop Malemutes.