The Lathrop Malemutes face the Kenai Kardinals this weekend

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Lathrop Malemutes will be playing host to the Kenai Kardinals this weekend.
The Mutes will be playing a team that also received votes in the Division II and III polls from the ASBN.
The Malemutes come into this matchup with a revamped offense, as they are now without Josh Hernadez, Chataeu Reed and Zach Kosa.
Lathrop will be facing the Kardinals, for a good ole fashion Division II matchup.
And the Mutes will look to start their season on the right foot.
The key players in this matchup is the offensive line.
These guys are a beefy group, and they have the chance to push this offense along in both the passing and running games.
The right side will also be very important as their quarterback this year is a lefty.
Now for the keys to the game.
First, shut down the Kardinals rushing attack.
Last year Kenai came into the Interior against North Pole displaying a potent running game, so if the Mutes can silence Kenai's running backs then they have a chance to grab the advantage.
Second, attack from the line of scrimmage.
The Mutes will look to control the match from the line with both their defense and offense.
And lastly, Lathrop needs to find their number one option in the passing attack.
Training camp is fine and all, but in real game situations this will bring the cream to the top.
These two teams play at Lathrop on Saturday at 1 P-M.