The Independence Day 5K crowned two new champions

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Independence Day 5K saw some cloud coverage, but that didn't stop the runners from burning up the track.​
Koen House, a sophomore from West Valley took home first after a 18 minutes and 18 seconds run on the 5K course.​
He had to push in the final stretch as second place was right behind by two seconds.​
In the women's division, Deborah Herzog took first after a 22 minute and 39 seconds run.​
Both spoke about winning the race.​​
"At the start, everyone is excited so it seems like a fast start. But t hen, everyone settled in when we crossed the bridge and everything. It seemed like everyone was going at a good pace to start off so I just tried to keep up that pace,"​said Herzog.​
"Well, it was pretty hard. I mean, like, trying to run with that guy, holy cow he is hard to run with. But, I just kept in the game and tried my best,"​ said House.