The ITC have cleared Dallas Seavey of all wrong doing from the 2017 Iditarod

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A big name musher has been cleared of any wrong doing this week, as the Iditarod Trail Committee have admonished Dallas Seavey from any involvement of the positive drug tests from the 2017 Iditarod race in regards to his dogs.
The ITC and Seavey had several meetings looking to resolve the banishment he received by the board after the 2017 race.
The board have concluded that Seavey had no involvement nor was responsible for the positive drug tests that his team received, as the dogs tested positive for tramadal.
A lot of changes have been made to the race and the ITC since the ruling was laid out to Seavey.
The race now enforces 24/7 surveillance at the Nome Dog Lot and three other checkpoints on the trail.
All food bags will be sealed with tamper proof zip ties and the ITC is looking to add more security protocols.
The board also saw a lot of turnover since the punishment was handed out.
Seavey spoke about the closing on this controversial chapter for the Iditarod.
"Personally we've been looking at information for almost two years trying to understand what's happening, we have information I certainly felt very compelling case that for the board to come down and take a look at this. And take an honest look at it. And say yeah it doesn't make since sense, yeah here's our conclusion. That does support and give us closure and it also, it also confirms anyone who is skeptical about the situation or unsure. I think it offers a resolution, I'm very much relieved, and feel grateful for the current board to for taking the time to conclude this situation and not letting it drag on," said Seavey.