The Eielson Ravens take down the North Pole Patriots in the Blood Bowl

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Eielson Ravens and North Pole Patriots faced off in a rivalry matchup that the Interior hadn't seen in a long time.
And they did enough scoring to make up for the 11 year break that the game had.
The Ravens captured the victory, winning 55 to 34 over North Pole.
Early in the game, the Patriots jumped out to a 20-8 lead, but the Ravens were able to outscore the Pats 47-14 in the remaining three quarters to secure the victory.
The comeback was led by Senior Running-back Jaydenn Mani-busen, who ran for 172 yards and four touchdowns.
His classmate and fellow runningback Ryan Armour finished with 151 yards on 16 carries.
The Patriots were led by Bradley Antes-berger, who carried the ball 33 times. The Senior runningback finished the day with 264 yards and four touchdowns.
After a decade of these two teams not playing, the Blood Bowl Trophy will be returned to Buck Nystrom Field, and the Ravens begin the year with a victory.
"It's a good feeling you know? A lot of people are down-looking us like we're not going to be that strong. But if we can beat a 3A Mid, we can anything. Anything is possible. This is definitely a big win for us but the end goal is that ring. This is a good way to boost our confidence," said Jaydenn Manibusan, Running Back, Eielson Ravens.
"I feel great. I feel like the team can go a long way. I feel like we have our mishaps, we have our areas where we need to be better but other than that I feel like we're a solid team," said Ryan Armour, Running Back, Eielson Ravens.