The Eielson Ravens represent well for the small schools in the Hutchison Meltdown Tournament

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Hutchison Hawks hosted the Hutchison Meltdown with Interior teams and small schools looking to get experience in an early season tournament.
Starting in the boys' division, for the 112 class Kyan Paul claimed first for the Galena Hawks.
For the 119, Weston Slatter claimed the title for Su Valley.
In the 125 pounder, the Palmer Moose found their champion in Gavin Kineen.
For the 140 class, Harrison Wall struck gold for the Eielson Ravens.
In the 145, Joshua Baird claimed it for the Dirty Birds.
Then the Galena Hawks won the 152 through Ronald Waska.
That's when the Dirty Birds soared again with Graham Staley winning the 160.
The 171 was captured by Aiden Briggs of the North Pole Patriots.
Eielson once again grabbed a title with Nephi Tidwell winning the 189.
Then the 285 was won by the Patriots from Jacob Blanchard.
The Patriots as a team finished in first with 233 points, nearly 60 points above the Eielson Ravens.
Then in the girls' division, the Ravens won with Jolie Lucas in the 103.
In the 119, Autumn Poland won it for the Lathrop Malemutes.
Elizabeth Schumaker of the Patriots claimed the gold for the 125.
In the 135, Kaleiha Ashbury won it for Hutch.
For the 145, Nailah Bealer finished in first for the Dirty Birds.
Then Desarae Matherly won the 160 class for Lathrop.
Eielson then won the 189 title with Debranna Bealer.
And lastly, Jaideen Agbayani won the 235 for the Moose.