The Dimond High School football team is under investigation due to an alleged hazing incident

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Fairbanks, Alaska And now we end the sports block on some troubling news out of Anchorage that has ties to Fairbanks.
The Dimond Lynx football program has been placed under investigation after an alleged hazing incident was reported that occurred while the team was up here for a game against the Lathrop Malemutes.
The Anchorage School District Superintendent Deena Bishop confirmed that the ASD was cooperating with the Anchorage Police Department in regards to the incident.
The ASD's spokesperson, Catherine Esary confirmed that the students involved were from Dimond High School.
It was alleged that several freshman football players were taken into a separate room one-by-one by several senior members and were allegedly abused.
The alleged abuse was said to be of a sexual nature.
Football practice for the team has been cancelled until further notice and the team is having a mandatory meeting today.
Deena Bishop spoke on the situation.

Dr. Deena Bishop said, "I don't have information on that, the school level would know that as well as some of our other folk the specifics of that I don't know, but it is a serious incident. Hazing is absolutely inappropriate, against policy, not only in the Anchorage School district, but in the sports association for the state as well. Yeah we, just know that we take these things seriously and we're fully cooperative and support our students and their safety and hazing is not part of any kind of culture that we want to have in the Anchorage School District."