The Chugiak Head Coach was fired after a recruiting violation was revealed

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Chugiak Mustangs basketball program is without their head coach after Jocquis Sconiers was fired by the school after a violation was brought into question by a former AAU assistant coach regarding the transfer of a basketball player to his program.
The player in question is Robert Sheldon who last season helped Noatak to a Class 1A championship under former Nanook Briana Kirk.
Sheldon transferred to Chugiak High School over the summer, and is starting for the 4A Mustangs' program as a senior.
The issue that arises is a video from the AAU tournament in July in Las Vegas, which shows Sheldon playing for Scorniers' TruGame Select AAU team.
The violation is that a player who is a member of an offseason team coached by another school's coach and they transfer to that school, they are then ineligible to play in that sport for one full season.
The assistant who brought forth this issue was Jules Ferguson, saying he received a phone call from Scorniers this week telling him to lie about the situation involving the tournament.
After Scorniers was fired, he spoke about the reasons to why he lied to the ASAA and Chugiak school officials.
"I miss told the truth, about my involvement with Robert to save the kid. And that is a genuine statement and I wanted to save Robert and let him have a chance to play basketball and wanted him to go to college. He's from Noatak, Alaska, you try going to those villages and see what it is like. He wanted an opportunity, and I wanted to give him an opportunity, so I put my life, my livelihood on the line to help this kid to be able to do that," said Scorniers.