The Anchorage School District has suspended the The Dimond Lynx Football program for a week while the investigation continues

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Fairbanks, Alaska The Anchorage School District has made a decision regarding the Dimond Lynx football program while they were staying at Lathrop High School, suspending the team for a week while the investigation is ongoing.
And some graphic details have been released, and some viewers may find it disturbing.
One of the victim's mother described the assault involving "juicing".
Which is sexual contact involving penetration.
ASD has suspended the program, as Dimond is under investigation for alleged hazing and sexual assault.
This includes all practices, team activities, and games.
Dr. Deena Bishop also said that a decision for the rest of the season will be made pending further review.
The Anchorage Police Department is working with the school district as they look into the incident that occurred while the Dimond football program was up here in Fairbanks for a game against Lathrop.
A meeting also took place with students and parents at Dimond High School to address the allegations of sexual assault.
The police department has opened a criminal investigation and the school district is cooperating.