The Alaska Nanooks are now on a seven game winning streak after taking down Simon Fraser

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Nanooks are the talk of the town, as they extended their winning streak to seven after taking down the Clan of Simon Fraser in a tight five set thriller.
The Nooks battled hard against the Clan, winning the first set 28-26.
Lahra Weber turned the offense around as she torn into the defense scoring 22 kills.
It wasn't the only contribution she had, as Weber chipped in 13 digs.
Simon Fraser returned to form, winning the second 25-13.
Julia Tays was on fire for them, dishing out 61 assists, while Betsie de Beer knocked in 20 kills.
The Nanooks then took a close third set 25-23, but the Clan dominated the fourth 25-11.
That's where Alaska captured the fifth and final set 15-12.
Cate Whiting led the Nanooks with 47 assists and 14 digs.
Alaska improves to 10-10 overall, and 8-5 in the GNAC.
The Nooks spoke after the marathon match about defeating their Canadian foes, and extending the streak.
"That, that is a defensive juggernaut for a team. I mean those guys are ridiculous as far as the defense that they play it's just so hard to get a ball to go down against them. And I think that's part of why it's so lopsided between games, because it's just crazy to try and put a ferial ball against those guys is just almost impossible," said Brian Scott, Alaska Nanooks Head Coach.
"I just wanted, first I just wanted to scream it all out, but then I was shaking and I was like ok, just kidding, but like it was so intense. I don't know, looking back I don't know where the energy was coming from all of us came from, because I know we were all playing to our hardest and I was amazed at the rallies we survived, worked out. Just as strong in the next rally, I am so glad everyone put their full effort, and I think it paid off," Lahra Weber, #11 - Alaska Nanooks.
" I mean, what fires me up most in those games is just watching our defense just get down on the floor and get these balls up. I mean, it fires me up which makes me want to work just as hard as they're doing back there. And I am going to put a ball down because they got it back up," said Kim Wong, #12 - Alaska Nanooks.