The 37th Midnight Sun Run had over 3,000 runners

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 37th Annual Midnight Sun Run showcased over 3,000 runners taking on the 10K course with clouds all around.
The women's division was full of storylines as the top two finishers have conquered the 10K course to win it all before.​
This time however, Molly Callahan took home the title with a swift 35 minute and 40 second race.​
Behind by 29 seconds was last year's winner Kendall Kramer.​
Callahan returned to Fairbanks to win the Midnight Sun Run, as she won it in 2017.​
Kramer took second in that race.​
To round out the top three, Melanie Nussbaumer took third.​
In the men's division, Riley Howard grabbed the top spot with a run time of 32 minutes and 16 seconds.​
Howard was able to win by a full minute over Ti Donaldson, while third went to Tobias Albrightsen.​
Both winners spoke about winning the biggest race in the Golden Heart City.​
"Great, it was so fun. It was, I didn't know what to expect. It's always a fun race, but I didn't know how I felt today or for what my fitness was like. I was really pleasantly surprised," said Callahan.
"It's pretty excited, there was a lot of people on the course. I was tired and I always wanted to do this race, good first time. Really good, nice temperature, it wasn't cold, but no rain, no sun it was nice," said Howard.
The next race on the schedule is the 2019 Spruce Tree Classic up at UAF.
This is set for Saturday at 10 A.M.​