The 2019 Race Against Racism is more than a race

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yesterday was the 2019 Race Against Racism event here in Fairbanks, as the runners took on the course despite the hot temperatures and sunny skies.
This competition isn't all about who came in first, but about the route itself with honorees along the way.​
From J.P. Jones to Morris Thompson, the runners took on either the 5K or 10K courses running past landmarks in honor of those who have fought against racism in the Interior.​
Race Against Racism co-director Andy Harrington spoke on the importance of diversity.​
"I think it's important, obviously racism has to be fought on many different levels. There has to be serious discussions , there has to be dialogue, there has to be problem solving. There's legal dimensions and spiritual dimensions and social dimensions. This is a feel good event, and obviously it's not going to solve the problem, but it is a way that our entire community come together and celebrate our diversity. Say that racism has no place in Interior, Alaska. So it's not going to be the be all to end all, but it's an important component of that," said Harrington.