The 2019 Open North American Championships are won by Buddy Streeper

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 Open North America Championships concluded over the weekend with 18 mushers battling the dog mushing sprints in search of glory.
And the Streeper Family dominated the course this year.
Buddy Streeper repeats as the champion of the ONAC, as he took in a time of 198 minutes and 59.2 seconds.
In second was Lina Streeper who was five minutes behind Buddy.
In third was the rookie Anny Malo out of Quebec, Canada, while fourth went to Michael Tetzner out of Burg, Germany.
To round out the top five, we have another rookie in Kourosh Partow from Chugiak.
The mushers battled against hot temps and cloudy days to tackle the 20 mile course.