The 2019 Iron Dog race barrels towards to the Golden Heart City with Mike Morgan and Chris Olds leading the pack

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2019 Iron Dog race is underway with the teams making their way to the Golden Heart City.
With the defending champs are currently leading the pack.
Team 10 of Mike Morgan and Chris Olds are right now out of the Poorman checkpoint.
Sitting in second is Team 20 of Scott Faeo and Robby Schachle are right behind them.
In third is Team 6 with Adam Drinkhouse and Brad George and they are about a minute behind the two leaders.
In fourth is Team 14 of Casey Boylan and Bryan Leslie are checked out of the Ophir checkpoint.
And lastly in fifth is Team 5 of Brett Lapham and Zack Weisz.