The 2019 Besh Cup Races 3&4 mark the middle of the series

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Besh Cup series continued in Soldotna with races three and four going down this past weekend.
Starting with Race 3, we had Bridger Petersen take the .5K free sprint while the girls' .5K free was won by Olivia Soderstrom.
The boys' .5K free was taken by Oskar Flora and Sammy Legate won the girls' 1.1K.
The boys' 1.1K free was won by Skyler Amy and the girls' 1.2K was secured by Marion Woods.
The boy's 1.2K sprint was won by current West Valley Wolfpack Ari Endestad.
Race 4 saw Si Hanestad take the boys' 1.2K classic interval start, while Olivia Soderstrom took gold in the female 3K classic.
The boys' 3K was secured by Kieran Kaufman, and Marion Woods won the girls' 5K.
The boys' 5K was won by Josh Baurick and Eli Hermanson took the men's 10K.
The final two races of the Besh Cup for this season will be up here in the Golden Heart City on February 3-4.