Seavey Responds in Iditarod Dog Doping Scandal

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yesterday, Dallas Seavey posted his own statement in response to the controversy after the Iditarod Trail Committee released his name as the musher involved with the dog doping scandal.
Seavey took issue to how the committee handled the information, and says he expects to be banned due to Rule 53 that serves as a gag rule.
He believes his team was sabotaged during the race, and has withdrawn from the 2018 race in protest of the committee.
"I have done absolutely nothing wrong, Seavey said. "I have spent the last ten years becoming the best musher I possibly can. I have done nothing wrong. I have never knowingly broken any race rule. I have never given any banned substances to my dogs. I believe this was given to my dogs maliciously. That's one of the options; I think that's the most obvious option. There are numerous ways this could have been done. I apologize to my fellow mushers that this race is about to hit a very rough patch. I love the Iditarod. The Board is not the Iditarod. I love the fans, I love the Volunteers, I love most of my competitors. So I apologize to all of them for what has to happen. There is part of this race that is a cancer right now. There is a corruption in this race. And Chemotherapy is going to be very unpleasant."

You can find the full video on his YouTube channel and Facebook page.