Parker and Carr win the Run of the Valkyries

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Run of the Valkyries was ran over the weekend despite the ongoing presence of the smoke.
The runners took on the 8K course, battling the heat and smoke.​
Jacob Parker took home first with an official time of 33 minutes and 52 seconds.​
Parker beat the field by a full minute.​
Trevor Chrzan took second while third went to Jim Wessel.​
In the women's class, Chris Carr grabbed the gold with a time of 36 minutes and 2 seconds.​
The silver went to Beth Zirbes, and the bronze went to Amanda Montgomery.​
Both winners spoke about grabbing the victory.​
"This was suppose to be a recovery run for me, but I felt good and I started to pick up the pace and just dropping people and it ended up working out for me. It was hot out,"​ said Parker.
"Well I saw one of the women who has beat me before. I saw her running with her I think her little sister or something. It was like she was training the next generation. I think it's all on the day, it seems like some people beat me some days and I beat them others. It just depends on how everyone's feeling,"​ said Carr.