Panners HC Miles Kizer spoke about the Fairbanks traditions

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Goldpanners play their first home opener tonight against the Fairbanks Men's League All Star team at Growden Park.
And yesterday I caught up with their Head Coach Miles Kizer about this new squad of Panners.​
"Kind of get into the traditions that happen here that a lot of guys probably haven't seen before, it should be a good time."​
"I mean for some of them they don't believe it until they see it. I mean you start talking about starting a game at 10 P.M. and finishing at 1 A.M. and never turning on the lights and never really gets dark. I mean some of that is that you can't explain it. So for these guys, getting to feel what that means and what it is to the community, it's invaluable. They're going to have a great time getting to know everybody and getting to see what Fairbanks has to offer in the summer time," said Kizer.