Our Interior legion baseball teams fall to South Anchorage

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Wild team got off to a rough start for their Legion schedule as they lost back to back games to the South Anchorage Wolverines.
In Game 1, the Wild only got one hit in their 11-1 loss to South.​
Alex Garcia got Alaska their only hit on the night, while they gave up 13 to the Wolverines.​
Game 2 was much better for the Interior squad, but the result was the same as they lost to South 7-4.​
Alex Kazense led the Wild with two runs, as Alaska's rally fell short in the top of the seventh.​
The Wild now face the Fairbanks 49ers tomorrow night at 6:30 P.M. at Marlin Field.​

Speaking of the 9ers, they also took on the Wolverines here in town.
In Game 1, Fairbanks managed six runs on one hit as they lost 9-6 to South.​
Isaac Roehl led the 49ers with two runs and one hit, as their rally fell short in the bottom of the seventh.​
In Game 2, Fairbanks fell short again with their rally as they lost 10-7 to the Wolverines.​
Shaun Conwell led the 9ers with three RBIs.​
They face the Wild tomorrow night.​