North Pole and South Anchorage grab first in the Battle in the Interior

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Over the weekend the Lathrop Malemutes hosted their in-season wrestling tournament, as teams competed in the Battle in the Interior.

In the boys’ division, the South Anchorage Wolverines took home first after they took down the Malemutes.

The biggest match-up was between South’s Aedyn Concepcion and Lathrop’s Jeremy Bockert, mainly due to the history of it. These have faced each other over the years, and Bockert upset Concepcion’s undefeated season at last year’s Alaska state championships. However, the South wrestler earned a 12-5 victory over Bockert.

Lathrop grabbed second, highlighted by Sean Michel’s pinfall against South. Michel was able to secure the win after getting Sam Bogdan in the air and getting the takedown. Soon after that, Michel pinned Bogdan to get the victory.

Rounding out the top three, the West Valley Wolfpack took home third. Isaac Coon continued his winning ways, even getting a win over South’s Riley Harris and Palmer’s Jayden Christianson.

This tournament also saw new wrestlers earn victories, including North Pole’s Daniel Conley getting a pin over Palmer’s Lucas Frank.

“When I got him on his back, I felt like I already had him. I felt like he gave up before that happened," said Conley. "It feels pretty good, I mean, I am a freshman and I am glad I am out here winning matches."

In the girls’ division, the North Pole Patriots earned first, with Janice Dykes getting a perfect record in the 125lbs class.

The Malemutes grabbed the silver, as their headline match-up with the Patriots had them losing 30-25. Both programs boast young talent, which helps grow the sport.

"We have a lot of girls this year and just learned a lot in the few weeks,” said Lathrop’s Kierstyn Bockert. “It is pretty cool just seeing a lot of people wrestle and give it all they got."

The Bethel Regional Warriors took home third.