North Pole and Monroe score big wins on the turf fields

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last night on the Davis turf fields, two schools made significant leaps as they prepare for the final stretch to make the 2019 Alaska state tournament.
We start with the North Pole Patriots, as the boys squad took care of business against the Hutchison Hawks.​
The Pats won 8-0 over the Hawks behind the four goals from Daniel Crutcher.​
North Pole kept the pressure up as Hutch struggled to get through their defenses.​
They now prepare for the Monroe Catholic Rams, while Hutch faces the Eielson Ravens tomorrow night.​
In the girls' matchup, the Patriots were able to win 3-nil thanks to their three goals in the first half.​
Johanna Buma, Cassie Stout and Breeauna O'Rear all scored for the Pats, while Aaliyah Jenkins made some spectacular plays in goal for Hutch.​
North Pole now prepares for the Palmer Moose on Friday, while Hutch faces Palmer on Saturday.​
And finally the Monroe Catholic Rams took on the Eielson Ravens.​
The blue and gold won 6-0 over their DII rivals, as they were led by Landon Nicholson and Nathan Walsh.​
Both scored two goals apiece, as they were all over the Ravens with their constant pressure.​
Monroe has now set up their date with the North Pole Patriots to determine who goes to state tomorrow night.​
Eielson on the other hand faces the Hutchison Hawks tomorrow.​