North Pole Guarantees a Playoff Berth with Their Latest Win

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Celebrate the city of North Pole, as your team has made the playoffs after taking care of business down in Ketchikan.
The North Pole Patriots beat the Ketchikan Kings in a convincing 54 to 21 win, mainly behind their stellar quarterback in Craig Borba.
However he wasn't the only one to shine in this do or die game, as Jamie Johnson reeled in two first half touchdowns for 74 yards and then 40 yards.
This team came together to put themselves in the playoffs, as they had 19 seniors at the game to play for.
One of those seniors is Jacob Breazeale, who lined up as a fullback, mind the fact that he is a left tackle, and ran in for a two yard touchdown in the third quarter to pad their lead.
Now they must prepare for the juggernaut out of the Soldotna Stars, who is waiting for them in the semifinals.
Last year, the Stars barely squeaked out a 25 to 21 win over the Patriots last year in the playoffs.
This Patriots team resembles another Patriots team in history, a team that dealt with adversity and went up against one of the greatest teams in the nation.
In 2001, the New England Patriots upset the Saint Louis Rams in the Super Bowl, now these high schoolers are facing off one of the greatest teams in Alaska's football history.
Can they pull off the upset as well?
It all goes down on October 7th at 1 PM in Palmer.