Noble Paws gave people with disabilities an opportunity to mush with the dogs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Today down at the Musher's Hall, Noble Paws ran a unique opportunity for those with disabilities.
Noble Paws put on the Gold Heart Sled Dog Expo to give those with disabilities a free ride with the dogs.​
And on a sunny day, the dogs and kids had a blast on the snow.​
Director Steve Vick of the non-profit organization spoke about this opportunity.
"So this is the second time we have run this event the first time we did it, it was about four years ago we had about a 100 kids come to that event and we took a couple years off cause the weekends were booked up a lot. That we wanted to do this year during Spring Break during the middle of the week since no racing is going on. One of our main programs we have are working with kids for the full season to teach kids with disabilities, with physical disabilities, emotional disabilities maybe kids who have intellectual disabilities how to run their own team so that's a full season of teaching we do with them. So they are running their own team by the time there is snow on the trail," said Vick.