Nanooks Men's Basketball Loose Exhibition Match to Division 1 School

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Nanooks lost their exhibition game against the Division I UNLV Rebels last Friday down in Nevada.
The Nooks lost 97 to 73, after only being down by five going into halftime, with the starting lineup being Mitchell Amenofis, Michael Kluting, Joe Lendway, Davis Kimble, and Alex Baham.
Despite the 24 point game, Alaska saw some good things from their squad. Amenofis had 13 points, while Lendway grabbed five offensive rebounds.
Jalon McCullough, Monroe's beloved son, came off the bench to score 11 points, going three of five from three point range.
Something that the Nanooks will need to improve on is getting to the free throw line, as they had zero attempts in the first half.
To put it into comparison, the Rebels shot 18 free throws in the starting half.
Another area they need to cut back are the personal fouls.
They had 23 fouls in the game, which could spell doom for them in tight game situations.