Monroe Rams Football Team Prepares with High Hopes for 2018

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Monroe Catholic Rams are coming into this season in what they are calling their "peak year".
With a senior squad that boasts some nice talent, the Rams are looking to make a push in the Greatland Conference.
We now take you to their training camp, where the Rams prepare for the upcoming season.

The Monroe Catholic Rams are a small D-III school who are looking to capitalize on their successes last season and try to make a playoff push.
They are a senior laden squad, with Josh Gray, Trae Puryear, Isaac Minnema and many others who are all together for their last rodeo.
The Rams play in the Greatland Conference, playing teams like Barrow, Eielson, Valdez and Redington.
And under Head Coach Marcus Cogley, he got to watch these guys grow from freshmen.

Coach Cogley: "That's been the biggest thing this senior group this year has been a really strong core. They put in the time together during the season and off the season. So they got a really strong both community amongst themselves they've been working on integrating some of the under class men but also they just know each other well, so they are in each other's heads and they know what they are thinking ahead of time. Which helps on the field. So yeah, that's the thing, I came in 4 years ago, so I got to see Alex Van Whye, Josh Gray, Trae Puryear as freshman and to see the things they had to experience and go through and grow it's almost like they're my kids and they act like it sometimes got to love. But, their development has been great both in the classroom and on the field especially too so. And to see the kind of pinnacle of that is something I am really looking forward to.

The Rams will have their quarterback Trae Puryear in for another season controlling the offence.
Monroe is a team with a tantalizing amount of talent at the skill positions, and Puryear gets to work with this squad for one last time.

Trae Puryear: "Can't wait to just spend time with my team going to the airport for Barrow and the car ride down to Homer and Valdez it's going to be fun. Mostly all the games but definitely week two Houston here. I can't wait for that. Cogley's taught me a lot, you know always believing in yourself and the team, and put the team before yourself."

The Rams have a heavy start to their 2018 season, going on the road 4 out of the first 5 games, including a trip that goes to Homer, Barrow and then Valdez.
And for some of them, it's going to be a long trip.

Josh Gray: "It's going to be interesting we put it like that. We got Seward, then we got a home game against Houston, get to Homer, and then Barrow and then to Valdez. Three super long trips it's going to be interesting to balance school with that. First of all, it has been a long grind, but a fun grind. I enjoy putting in the work, it allows me to get better every day so that's one thing I aspire to do is to get better every day. Well I know there's nothing to leave behind; I need to leave it out on the field so I am looking forward to that. Well, we're all brothers and sisters at Monroe, but on the field we're all brothers and we're all close, super good friends and a blast to play with them."

The Rams start their season on the road on August 11 against the Seward Seahawks.
This is Aaron Walling reporting.