Milo Griffin has been nominated for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In our series of highlighting Interior sports figures who have been nominated for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, we come to a man who is woven into the backdrop of Fairbanks.
That man is Milo Griffin, who has been a player, a coach and a leader for Interior sports.​
Griffin's number is retired up at UAF, his 44 hanging up on the wall.​
Griffin is the basketball records holder in points for a single game, which is 43, single season average of 26 points, free throws made in a career with 438, and free throws attempted with 575.​
Since then he has been a basketball coach here in the Golden Heart City for Lathrop and West Valley.​
He has led both programs to numerous state appearances, and has also been part of the track and field teams.​
Griffin spoke about being recognized and nominated for the Hall of Fame.​
"It's great because all the coaches and all the people that have gone pretty much I have known all of them over the years, over 60-70 years. I met them all, I've coached against them all. So it's a great honor that the state does this. It's great to see kids when they are in your program early in their lives and then you see them as grown-ups and as adults it's really good to see the progress they've made because coaching is the same way. You can't always get the star to be a star when he is supposed to be a star it happens with time, it's good. This is home, mean coming here brings back all the memories of all the overtime games we've had and the fans that we had come watch the basketball games. This got me started in coaching and playing sports," said Griffin.