Lathrop girls’ battled the Hawks and the Wind

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In the girls' game, there were three teams on the field.
The Hutchison Hawks, the Lathrop Malemutes and Mother Nature.​
The wind played a major role in this matchup as neither offense had any momentum due to it.​
This game came down to who would make the mistake or defensive lapse, and the Malemutes got their break as Chloe Anderson's shot rebounded right front of Holly Kubichek.​
Kubichek's chip shot the ball over the goalie to break the tie.​
For the rest of the game, Hutch mustered up an offensive attack trying to break Lathrop's defense, but in the end the purple and gold pulled off the 1-nil victory.​
Juliana Mondelli had another shutout for the Malemutes as Lathrop improves to 2-0 on the year.​
Kubichek spoke about the hard fought victory.
"I think it was a good win like as a team we've developed like the past three weeks. It's like our passes are getting there, and we're really connecting and we've had a lot of opportunities and I think it was a great win for us. Like the goal itself, I don't know right before that our coach was telling us that any shot we have to take it and I had and took it and it was a nice pass from one of my teammates so it was a really good team effort. I mean it was hard when we were running all I heard was the wind so it was kind of hard to hear each other but I definitely think it affected a lot of our shots," said Kubichek.