Lathrop and North Pole secure wins on the tennis courts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Out at the Dan Ramras Tennis Courts, the Hutchison Hawks took on the Lathrop Malemutes while the Monroe Catholic Rams travelled out to face the North Pole Patriots.
The purple and gold took down Hutch 6-1 thanks to a couple of sweeps.

Lathrop won with Luke Millam and Gage Hale in the boys' singles division, while Helen Wharton and Ashley Plys won the girls.
Hutch got their only point from the mixed doubles match, thanks to Isaiah Moore and Sophia Squires.
Meanwhile in North Pole, the Patriots won 5-2.
Monroe got off to a good start by winning the boys' singles matches with Oliver Pender and Oscar Oravec.
North Pole received three points thanks to forfeits in three events, while the Pats won the boys' and mixed doubles.

The Patriots now prepare to face the West Valley Wolfpack tomorrow, while the Rams look to bounce back against Hutch.

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