Lathrop Clenches the Dog Bowl and a Playoff Berth

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 2017 Dog Bowl started off with staunch defense, but like most of the season, the Malemutes were able to find their offense later in the game.

Lathrop was able to find holes in the West Valley Wolfpack, as they marched to a 31 to seven win to take back the Dog Bowl trophy.
Last year Lathrop lost a close one, so this time around they flipped the script.
The Malemutes had success in the air with a amazing drives that lead to touchdowns.
However, it wasn't by their normal means when it came to their scoring.
The Malemutes showed a new offensive machine in what is called the VETO formation, which is similar to a wildcat formation.
They lined up Jace Henry at quarterback, he then helped push their offense down the field and ran in a seven yard touchdown run.
They also showed a wrinkle in their play-calling, with Jaden Littell receiving a pitch from Joshua Hernandez and then throwing a bomb to James Precourt for a 71 yard touchdown.
The Wolfpack's only score came from Maurice Maiden's 21 yard touchdown run in the third quarter.
For the Malemutes, they must now prepare for their playoff match-up with the Bartlett Golden Bears for this upcoming weekend.